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Dess provides software solutions that improve content utilization, maximize operating efficiency with reduce time durations. Our solutions give you the advantage of faster sharing of information, accelerating the speed of operations, and connecting your people instantaneously with the information they require. Benefits include: Streamline all operation processes for faster access of business critical information Quicken the pace of response for maximum benefits Gives you complete visibility of processes in real time. Immediate access to customer information by integrating securely all information from disparate branches Identify additional areas of process improvements by monitoring operations Make better decisions faster with greater speed and added accuracy Enables your organization to expand globally by simplifying complexities.


Leading Petroleum and Energy companies are making Dess solutions an integral part in their content management strategy. Dess has successfully implemented business relevant solutions for who’s who of FMCG and Manufacturing sector which has immensely helped them reduce cost, improve efficiency and accelerate time-to-market by streamlining document-intensive processes throughout the enterprise and beyond. This is achieved by integrating finance, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, sales and customer service related documents through a common infrastructure for managing the capture, storage, distribution and delivery of business critical information. By integrating critical business information with various branches and legacy systems Dess helps banks and financial institutions to become more customer-centric.